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'm saying. you've been doing it. it don't make sense >> i don't got time for this i will literally bash him with ma my shoe but i'm not going to sit here and look stupid. go ahead. bring me backup. >> kirk: come on. we're just going to get to the truth. no violence on this show. no violence. >> i am the biggest liar in america. thank you. i am a liar. i am a liar but you are still tapping it. >> you live with me. you live with me. why wouldn't i? >> kirk: let me takeover here. welcome to the show. listen. listen. first of all, i will say this: you do look like a lovely couple. >> this is deceiving. if we did not have a fight everyday... hickeys on you are a woman, brother what is it? >> we discussed that and i shouldn't be out there. we know what we wept through. >> kirk: was he cheating on you? >> i find text messages and you don't come home until the next morning >> kirk: i have to be able to speak. or no one will know anything. we are here to get results. you think she is cheating >> i know. >> kirk: we'll find out if you are right or wrong. tell me quickly about the condoms >> he came i
something to do with this? >> i don't know if they thought i had something to do with what happened to their mom but i heard my children asked me if i collected any kind of policy on her. and i says no. i don't have a policy on myself let alone her >> kirk: you deny that you had an insurance policy on her? >> that the honest to god truth i never had a policy on anybody. >> kirk: your children said that you had been purchasing spending lots of money buying things? >> like what? that is what i would like to know. i drive an old chevy. i rent a house. i am a truck driver thatives check by check. i don't have anything. >> kirk: amy david's eldest daughter is backstage she says while her mom was alive her dad was abusive and got her mom hooked on drugs and since her mother's murder she says her dad has been living high on the hog and wants answers today. welcome amy. [applause] >> well, the thing about this is, i just want to be able to clear the air, have the truth out. and that way if possible we could all move forward with a better relationship. i just don't feel thae can have a good
don't do it. i do it >> no, you do not >> i buy her clothes >> no, you don't. i work >> she carries my name. both of my names. because i need to know if it's mine. i need to know if i'm going to be a father to something that is mine. period. i don't want to talk about it no more. it doesn't matter >> it does matter. it does matter. >> i need that information to continue this. >> kirk: listen if you need that dna test let's go out and do it and let's find out. you are here for this let's do it. all right? this is why we are here today. [applause] i haveo problem. >> he is a low down dad. [applause] >> a lie is a lie don't continue the lie >> it is ok for you, too. you called me to pick you up, right? >> kirk: here is a question did you sleep with a co-worker? >> i did but before we got together. >> how did the story change? >> the story did not change. no, it did not. >> i asked you from the beginning from 21 jump street look this is who i am and this is what i've don and this is what i do. i told you and i asked you. when? how? >> kirk: are you cheating? >> i cheated. i came truthful w
tried to make you understand but you did not want to -- i don't care about this crying and all that. this is real... >> i know tt is why i want to find out the truth. because you have been having a guilty conscious. >> i mistreated you. i tried to explain to her about the situation. >> what was the situation? >> when i'm talking she want to interrupt me. that is what makes me mad. >> i feel passionate about this. have is you don't shut up and listen when i'm talking. i'm the adult you was a child. you don't know more than me. i'm trying to teach you something. >> how are you trying to teach me? you have not been there. how am i going to listen to somebody who is supposed to be my father who is notcting like one. how many birthdays, how many performances, graduations? how much stuff do you know about me. >> the lifestyle i live caused me to be in and out of jail. the brief moments i was out of jail -- >> kirk: but that can not be her fault. >> exactly. >> kirk: she should not have to suffer for that. >> ok, the person who -- kirk: how -- [all talking at once] >> she livedh me at 16 i
taton? >> yeah, last week >> i know. >> kirk: you are ok with that? >> i don't care. she is open. i mean come on his sex is good so... yeah, i know it is. i had it first. sloppy seconds. >> sloppy seconds you think so? >> taton must be so special if people do not mind him sleeping with everybody >> he is an idiot >> kirk: but he is the father o your children. do you live with him? >> no, god no. >> kirk: now taton said if cole is his -- >> we're taking him. >> they want cole --ismr my dead body and you ain't going near my kids >> i already have been >> kirk: i cannot believe you guys are not friends anymore >> i have been near your daughter. >> kirk: you on the town must have been a blast. time to meet the man in the middle of this former friend feud. taton come on out and try not t get anyone pregnant on the way. [laughter] how are you doing? >> how is it going? >> kirk: this is like almost an abercrombie and finch poster. this started you were watching spiderman with nirvana, right? >> if i can remember. >> kirk: tell me about that web. how did the web start? >> well, it all started --
on behind your both of you. he is sleepig with what else is there? >> don know ifhat is the case. when i talk to him and ask him what is going on did anything happen when i wt to the store, anything like that -- >> kk: are youleeping with him? >> i am. >> are you sleeping with him? now we know. now we need to bring chris out or something but we need to figure out how we are going to -- we both have a kid with him. so we have to figureut how we are going to do this >> i am with that but i would like to understand how you would like us to live together because you walk around the house like you o the house. but i'm supposed to be in your world and you are doing whatever it is that you want to do. and i am just there not doing nothing'm not supposed be wi chris or something >> i don't know i feel like you should talk to me about it if you feel likyo have been walking arounhe house and i'm walking around like i own the house. this is my first time hearing about it >> kirk: why does she have to come to you? ar you mared to chr? >> no. if itsn issue the way i'm behaving at the house i'm sayin
to convince m or her? >> i believe that and they don't believe me neither. >> kirk: eric's twin brother derek has caught donna flirting at the club and is tired of her lice and wants his brother to leave her once and for all. welcome derek to the show. [applause] >> don't want to hear it. >> how are you doing. >> i've seen you several times at the club withuys >> first of all, you already know how you lie. if i was in the club with somebody you would have been in my face. you are not going to be doing my brother like this so don't try to lie like somebody was in a club doing this. he everybody say if i was in there cheating hwould be in my face. >> my brother i'm tired of him being hurt about this situation about -- >> come on, man. >> or how you he found letters and that stuff and i told him he is so hurt. he is saying because he is [inaudible] [all talking at once] [inaudible] >> you nerve seen me. >> you won't go visit him? >> because i'm going to go visit i never said nothing about going to visit him. he asked me for my address like i told you. >> why would you visit somebody that you don
what you are saying. number two: shared relationships don't last. [applause] the research shows that relationships in modern-day society more than two people .0001% chance of making it. and the third -- we are the exception >> i knew you would say that but i was not talking to you. so... [applause] and the third thing that i want to tell you ladies is really, really important. controlling and manipulative and abusive men isolate their women. and you have been isolated. in a true poll lick mist family you would be united as sisters. he has pulled you apart from each other and your families. i want you to hear from me today. you are in an abusive relationship. it doesn't mean that you are being beaten up. it doesn't mean that you are cryi everyday but he is isolating you as part of his system. so when you say that you want him to try and make it better, he wants you two to be important apart from your family because he said it today. and each other. it's not going to work. >> when did i say i wanted them to be -- when did i s that? [applause] >> kirk: you said it was more importan
before us, who happened to be a lesbian it was her bra >> kirk: she kept herras -- >> i don't know how it ended up. the whole thing i don't know. >> kirk: now, when you got pregnant multiple women came forward and said they had been with michael >> now in 2012 that's when we got back together. and you know, i had worked on some of my issues, separately and michael worked on some of his issues. and we were at a good place. and we wanted to have a baby. it wasn't a surprise. we were trying and i got pregnant in april 2012. and then after that like i was five months pregnant and this girl contacted me like via twitter and said she had slept with michael. and i was five months pregnant and i'm like who are you? and she said her name was whatever. and i asked him about it and he completely said he didn't know her. like denied the whole thing this girl is crazy. and i want to believe him. and when -- >> kirk: did he know the woman on twitter? >> he said he didn't. but she sent me a picture of the two of them taken at a restaurant when he had been traveling, i guess, to new york. but he was i
you still lie today. >> you are so crazy you don't use your real name it's not alley. it is a nickname >> your nickname is what you write? you cannot go as your real name >> are you an absentee father. >> kirk: let's talk about -- [all talking at once] >> there is a warrant for your arrest >> and i haven't paid support you are... [inaudible] i hate you. don't to her don't talk to me >> what kind of twisted mother calls her own father -- >> kirk: backup. backup >> all right. carry on then. >> you're sick. sick, buddy. >> ally >> hi. >> kirk: nice to see you. did you keep casey away from morgan for three years? >> in 2006, yeah i was bitter because he went to the courts and he lied. he said i abandoned my child. that he had her since birth and i was nowhere to be found >> kirk: what about the kidnap allegations? >> if i was a kidnaper would i not be charged? >> kirk: you have to get caught >> 24 hours notice to return her. you got lucky. >> what judge gives a kidnaper 24 hours? a kidnaper gets a time-frame to bring back their child? >> i dropped the daughter off on your
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10